Have you ever really noted the appearance of the sky at dusk in late fall or early winter? It is during this time, like no other, that the sky displays its most magnificent and vibrant effects. The sky's combination of colors--blues, oranges, reds, and purples--the spectrum of light--appears to us "crooked."

There are no definitive lines in this sky--no exact color distinctions. It is an intermingling of tones in a blend of visual harmony. It is a palette on which the thinnest hue shines with brilliance.

There is no beginning. There is no ending. It is continuous.
Some of us have been dancing since we were toddlers, while others began dancing later in life. Some of us are large in stature, some are smaller. We all have unique lives, personalities and professions. We each have somewhat different but complementary beliefs.

We are Red Crooked Sky. The importance of one does not supersede any other. It takes ALL of the elements to create one of God’s most glorious compositions – the brilliance of the “Red Crooked Sky.”

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